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Published on 23-10-2015 by Emmanuel Kwizera

ADEPR, the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda, is a religious organization with the vision consisting of Quantitative and Qualitative Transformation of the Rwandan Community by Jesus Christ Integral Gospel, with its corresponding mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its integrality and to teach the Word of God as it is written in the Bible.

In addition, ADEPR aims at helping the community to its holistic development. It is the government partner in among others social activities, such as Health and Education.

Education for Development

The development of human resources is one of the principal factors in achieving sustainable economic and social development. Therefore, Education is a fundamental human right and an essential tool to ensure that all Rwandese women and men, girls and boys realize their full potential. It has been considered a way to achieve development and poverty reduction in Rwanda.

ADEPR Objective for Education

To achieve one of its objectives consisting of promoting formal and informal education, ADEPR is endowed with the Department of Education that helps giving all Rwandese people, the necessary skills and values to be good citizens as world light and improving the quality of human life through the nursery, primary, secondary and higher education at all levels and teaching adult people reading, writing and counting.

Our Achievements towards that objective

Education started in 1940 by Swedish Free Mission which turned into Pentecostal Church Association known today as ADEPR which began in GIHUNDWE. Through its general objectives, Evangelism and Social Activities, this mission taught new believers basic literacy since the beginning of the work. Around 1941, the Association opened its socio-educational activities in GIHUNDWE Primary School which missed candidates to the extent that the first laureates finished the five years program in 1948.

The vocational schools, as post primary studies, such as « Foyer Social » began in 1947 by missionary GRETA Angestrand and then the « Complementary Section » for girls who completed Primary School in GIHUNDWE by HANNY and Elisabeth TOBLER missionaries in 1960. The School of Auxiliary Monitors (EMA in French abbreviated form, Ecole des Moniteurs Auxiliaires) started in 1972 to close its doors in 1973 giving way to GIHUNDWE Inferior College in 1982. The 1965 christian revival was also evident especially among pupils of the secondary schools and the latter are strengthened to devote themselves to evangelization.

Pupils have contributed to the development of the Gospel in the Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda and some remained believers in Christ and in His Word even though others abandoned due to some religions pressure.

The role for those who have kept the faith has always been noticeable even after graduation at university by their witnessing in the Church and in the profession. This marked the motive to create other schools which grew in number and quality. Some were created by Swedish Mission, others by Switzerland Mission (TOBLER Alfred and HOFMMAN) and others by ADEPR Parishes.

In this context, ADEPR possesses in formal education more than 80 nursery schools, 158 primary schools, 58 secondary schools, 6 vocational and technical schools, 4 biblical schools and a theological faculty. As for informal education, ADEPR decentralized literacy program all over the country through its chapels (around 3108 centers) and has already been rewarded two prices in 2001 and 2012 by UNESCO (United Nation Education, Science and Culture Organization).

It opened some Community Libraries and Post Literacy Centers for reading culture and practical jobs. Informal education lies under the program called PANA (Programme National d’Alphabétisation) in French abbreviated words.

Our Objectives in the Department of Education (DoE)
The objectives of the DoE such as comprised in the Action Plan for Education Quality during 2015 and drawn from ADEPR Strategic Plan 2013-2023 are namely the following :

1. Quality Education Promotion
2. Refining ADEPR Education Fund
3. Creation of Technical Schools and a university
4. Promotion of Literacy-Adult Education (informal education) and post literacy training for development
5. Monitoring Financial Management for schools
6. Staff Capacity Building.

Our focus for new units

ADEPR views to start the Diploma Level in Hotel Operations in MUHANGA Christian Integrated Polytechnic where a technical secondary school ran this year. This secondary school could be complemented by the tourism combination.

It deals with the Ministry of Education and WDA (Workforce Development Authority) for starting three combinations in GIHUNDWE (RUSIZI District), thus, Electronics, Culinary Art, House Keeping and Tourism if the partner known as FIELDS OF LIFE agrees to contribute.

ADEPR focuses as well on sensitizing the literacy centers to work effectively so as to eradicate ignorance and to promote job creation.

FATEK should incorporate new faculties in order to create a higher institution in Kigali where its campus is targeted.



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