Core Values

Published on 26-07-2016 by Emmanuel Kwizera

The Holy Spirit
We value the Holy Spirit as the engine of the Church, by whom the Lord lives and works within us. Believers cannot do anything except by Christ (John 15:5 ; Phil. 4:13).

Church Unity
We value the unity of the Church as The Son and the Father are one. Only when the Church is united, the world believes that Jesus came (John 17:20-21).

Serving Leadership
We value the fact whoever would be great among others must be their servant, and whoever would be the first must be a slave. Leaders are not out there to be served, but to serve modeling themselves on our Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 20:28).

We value prayer which is not only the believer’s sole expression to and communication with God, but also a way of worshipping the Lord God lifting Him higher above all created things (Ex. 34:14).

Mission :
We value the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, joining the Church in making disciples of all the nations (Matt. 28:18).

The Body
We value the Church – the Body of Christ. The Church is universal, as the body is one despite many members. We fellowship together in the Holy Communion as we remember the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, celebrating His resurrection until He comes back (Lu. 22:19).

Confession of Sins
We believe that sin puts the believer under bondage and breaks relationship with God. The believers must therefore confess their sins one to another in front of the Lord for forgiveness, freedom from bondage and restoration of the relationship with God (Jas 5:16).



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