ADEPR Commemorates 126 Members Killed in Genocide ADEPR Commemorates 126 Members Killed in Genocide

Published on 23-10-2015 by Emmanuel Kwizera

ADEPR Christian denomination has sought forgiveness saying it didn’t do much to curtail ethnic divisionism among its followers which led to genocide.

The statements were made during the commemoration event to honor 126 members of ADEPR faith that lost their lives during the 1994 genocide against ethnic Tutsi.

The genocide against ethnic Tutsi in Rwanda claimed over a million lives.
ADEPR held commemoration event at G.S. Gihundwe school, conducted walk to remember and the body of Kamirindi Cazimili- father to pastor Matayo Intwaza formerly member of ADEPR church was accorded decent burial at Kamembe genocide memorial site.

According to testimonies delivered during the commemoration event, it was revealed that Tutsi who sought protection at ADEPR churches were actually abandoned by the ADEPR leaders until they were later killed by interahamwe.

In his testimony Twagirumukiza Antoine accused former spokesperson of ADEPR church Nsanzurwimo Joseph saying during the genocide he came to the church with policemen guarding him, “I wondered why the church spokesperson was being guarded by policemen.

This is why I say there was no effort by ADEPR church to prevent ethnic divisionism within the church. The church did not at that time denounce genocide nor did they prevent such ethnic divisionism.”

Meanwhile the current ADEPR spokesperson Rev Jean Sibomana noted that before and during the genocide, some leaders in the church were filled with fear and this led to no action against ethnic divisionism and killings that targeted the Tutsi that had also sought refugee at the church.

Rev Sibomana said its against this background that ADEPR church found it fitting to seek forgiveness from all Rwandans because the church leaders failed to play their roles as required of them.

Serge Nzabonimana represented the Ministry of culture and sports during the ceommemoration event. He said survivors need to be supported and together work towards the reconstruction of Rwanda.

During the commemoration, a monument with 35 names of genocide victims inscribed on it was unveiled. The names include those killed at Gihundwe ADEPR centre.



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